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Wise Analogy
January 9, 2006, 4:46 pm
Filed under: Faith

In church and at home, one thing I’ve been studying is Calvinism. Something that is hard for many people to understand is how free will goes along with divine election. If God chooses us, and because of that we can’t help but choose Him, how is that free will? Our pastor gave a good illustration that helped clear this up.

A buzzard can eat whatever it wants. It can go to a strawberry patch rather than to roadkill if it chooses. It has complete freedom to eat whatever it wants. But its nature is to eat roadkill. Because of its nature, it won’t ever choose strawberries. We have free will, but we choose according to our nature. Without Christ first regenerating us, it is our nature to choose sin. Christ regenerates us, which changes our nature. Then, we choose Him, but it is always He who acts first. Unless Christ changes us, we will always choose roadkill (no offense, buzzards).