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Deadly Laziness
April 24, 2007, 9:36 pm
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Laziness is a terrible problem in today’s society. People waste hours of their lives being lazy.

A recent study in the U.K. showed that laziness has cost health services billions of dollars. The study showed the impact that lazy and overweight people have on the health system and the funding that is needed to go into the health system just because people do not want to move. 287,000 people died in the U.K. in 2003 from a lack of exercise, with over 35,000 deaths directly linked to conditions like heart disease, stroke, cancers, diabetes, etc., all due to inactivity.

In the following paragraphs, I will show that laziness is a terrible vice that should be eliminated. Of course, we cannot, by law, force people to not be lazy, but if people knew the consequences of laziness, it would be a big step towards stopping it.

It is obvious that acts of laziness, which cost health services billions of dollars and are even responsible for deaths, as evidenced by a study in the U.K., are intentional . Although a lazy person may want to accomplish things, he will not give the effort needed. A person isn’t lazy because, “That’s how God made me.” He is lazy because he chose to be. In the example from the study in the U.K., the people who did not exercise clearly could have, but they chose to be lazy.

A lazy person, like those in the study group, did not become lazy overnight. Often, a lazy person is lazy because his parents did not train him not to be otherwise. Perhaps the parents did not make him do all of his homework, or do any chores. This almost always results in a lazy person. People also often imitate the examples of their parents, so sometimes the lazy attitude is learned.

No pity should be shown to someone who does not get anything done because he is lazy, like the lazy people from the study group in the U.K. If a person, for example, is fired for being lazy, we need not show compassion. We should, however, try to help him correct his mistake.

If a person is lazy as a child, he may not do his schoolwork, and will not ever finish school. He will not be able to get a job, and may even end up a homeless person. If a person is lazy as a child, his whole life could be ruined.

It would be a good idea to have a punishment for all laziness. Although some people are punished–by their parents or bosses–many get away with doing the least amount of work possible. If laziness were punishable it would result in more work being done. The world would be a much better place if laziness, which as we have seen causes thousands of deaths and billions of dollars, were eliminated; I hope you can understand that fact after reading this.


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