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Red Bull, Redfish, Stingrays, and Honey Buns
June 2, 2007, 10:00 pm
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Sorry for the recent infrequent posting; I have been pretty busy finishing up school and all. This is a little late, but I thought I’d post about my trip to Louisiana last weekend with my friend David, and his father. I don’t have pictures yet, but they are coming.

We flew to Dallas, then New Orleans on Friday, and arrived at our final destination, Cocodrie [Cocoa–as in Cocoa Puffs–dree], Louisiana, Saturday morning. Our camp was right on the bayou, which contained sheep-heads (they’re fish, not actual sheep heads), redfish, sea trout, some channel catfish who somehow were living in the saltwater, flounder, mullet, shad, shrimp, white perch, crabs, alligators, and many other creatures. We could catch many of these with a net on the dock. In fact, this was the only way we caught anything on the first day.

The second day, we woke up at 4:30 a.m., grabbed several Red Bull energy drinks each, and went outside to wait for our guide to wake up. We finally headed out on the water at 5:30, still artificially energized. After fishing for hours with no luck, we came back to the camp. I caught a decent sized catfish and a sheep-head (which have teeth like humans) on the dock that afternoon before we went out on the water again. David caught a small stingray, which was cool, but that was it.

On our final day, Monday, we only had the early morning to fish before our flight home, so again we were up before the sun. But alas, our efforts were again fruitless.

8-12 foot waves prevented us from going very far offshore, which was one reason we could not catch many. Also, redfish feed with the tide, and there was only about 4 inches of it when we were there.

I have to devote a paragraph to the food. We had crawfish the first day, a huge tray filled with at least 50 each, which were extremely delicious. On the last night, we ate redfish caught before we arrived, fried with a secret recipe, which were the best fish I have ever eaten. But, the majority of the food we ate was honey buns. David and I probably had about 40 between the two of us. We also drank many Red Bulls, because of the lack of sleep, which we became addicted to.

Although we didn’t catch any redfish or trout, we still had a blast. Throwing the net off the dock was fun, and we caught many fish and crabs in it. Just being out on the water, smelling the salty air, and eating the great food was awesome.


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