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Sam Bradford Highlights
December 24, 2008, 1:40 pm
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This is a video I put together. To watch it with better video quality, click on the video, then click the link that says “watch in high quality.”


Oklahoma Deserves to Be Ahead of Texas
December 9, 2008, 8:12 pm
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So last week I blogged about why OU deserved to go to the Big XII Championship. A couple days later, I got this message from an editor.

Featured your college football blog in our best of the week blog:

Keep it up!

An AP Photograph I Discovered
March 15, 2008, 8:23 pm
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I posted about my trip to Colorado, but there is one picture I failed to put up then.

This is an AP photo (it appeared in an article on the Dallas Morning News website) of coach Bob Stoops. In the background, you will notice an OU fan in a number 22 jersey. That is me. (If you look at the pictures from the game I posted, you will see that my attire as well my location in the stadium is consistent with this picture.) I thought it was pretty cool.

Jeff Capel was Two…
February 20, 2008, 3:16 pm
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…last time Baylor beat OU in basketball.

They put up a good fight, but failed again last night. The game was unbelievable though. I went with my dad, brother, and great-uncle. Regulation was filled with highlights, most of them from Blake Griffin (who went to our church as a kid). He had several SportsCenter worthy dunks, including one in which he caught an alley-oop off the glass and slammed it. In overtime, the Sooners came back from being down six pints in the final minute to win 92-91. It was OU’s 28th consecutive win against the Bears. The play of the game was Tony Crocker’s four-point play with 7.3 seconds left that proved to be the game-winning shot. Coach Jeff Capel said it was the loudest he had ever heard it at the Lloyd Noble Center.

The lead changes late in the game made it great. The Sooners lead by 10 at halftime, but were down late in regulation. They game back to take the lead, then Baylor scored at the buzzer to send it to overtime. They proceeded to take a 6 point lead. Then Crocker’s four-point play put the Sooner ahead for good.

OU has since beaten Baylor in overtime many more times in our driveway, thanks to Jack Henry.

October 7, 2007, 6:14 pm
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28-21 and a lot of fun.

Colorado Road Trip
September 30, 2007, 9:08 pm
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Went to the OU-Colorado game in Boulder yesterday with my parents and my grandfather. OU got upset 27-24, but I’m going to keep this post as positive as possible.The trip was awesome. We stayed in the team hotel, and on Friday night many Sooners were walking around the lobby. We got photos with many of them.

Me and WR Juaquin Iglesias

Several players and coaches and me in the elevator

6-8 352 pound OL Phil Loadholt with my mom and me

QB Sam Bradford and me

Our seats were right behind the Sooner bench, where we took some more pictures.

Bradford warming up on the sideline

Overall, the trip was great. After the game, we went back the hotel to recover, then drove through the scenic mountains to Estes Park. I got some good shots of the mountains like this one:

OU can still beat struggling Texas next week and go on to win the Big XII, which would automatically put us in a BCS Bowl. Last season’s National Champion, Florida, was a one-loss team. It is unlikely that OU will make it, but in college football, you never know.

Hangin’ Half-A-Hundred
September 1, 2007, 5:05 pm
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Before ball games, former OU head coach Barry Switzer would say, “Let’s hang half-a-hundred on ‘em.” (They usually did.) This evening, I’ll be the one hangin’ half-a-hundred. Games, that is. That’s right; tonight’s game against North Texas will be my 50th consecutive home OU football game, which is the entire Bob Stoops era. OU’s home record in the Stoops era is 47-2. I’ve seen some memorable games at Owen Field.

My first game of the streak (I’ve been to more before Stoops, but not all in row) was September 11, 1999, when I was six years old. The opponent was Indiana State, and I remember wondering why their nickname was a tree. Stoops’ first game was a 49-0 victory, and the fans were pleased, especially after several losing seasons in previous years. OU finished that season with a respectable 7-5 record, and made their first bowl game in a number of years. It was the beginning of a great era.

Moving on to October 28, 2000, game number 10. That day’s opponent was Nebraska. It was my birthday, and we were playing the number one team in the nation. My cousin and grandfather were there, and I was as exited as I’ve ever been. We had beaten Texas 63-14 (I was there) earlier that month, as well as second-ranked Kansas State at their place. The hype leading up to this game was incredible. Kickoff was at 2 p.m., so we arrived in Norman at about 11:30 or noon. I remember pulling into our parking spot in Norman, when I suddenly remembered, “Hey it’s my birthday.” That gives you an idea of how excited I was about the game. A kid on his eighth birthday, and he doesn’t even remember till noon! The stadium was as loud as I’ve ever heard it, even to this day after thousands of seats have been added. We fell behind 14-0 in the first quarter, and then dominated them for the next three. Final score: OU 31, Nebraska 14. The goalposts went down with Nebraska, as OU rose to the top of the national rankings. They also landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated, which I have framed in my room. It was a great day. OU won the national championship that year, with a 13-2 win over Florida State.

I could go on and on about the games I have been to, like wins over Alabama, Oklahoma State, and many others. I’ve seen 77-0 blowouts and double-overtime nail-biters. I’ve sweated through triple digit temperatures, and practically waded in the streets on the way back to the car. I am always hoarse after the games, and sometimes for a few days after. My grandfather has been with me to almost every game, and my dad has been to every game except two with me. I know I am blessed, and am grateful for the opportunity to go to all of these games, which I know very few people have.

I know I’ll have fun tonight when I hang half-a-hundred.